how do i look?

A word about this show: yuck.

A few more words about this show: I really, really hate it. The first half hour, anyway. I confess that if I come across it and they are into the picking a new look part, then I'll watch. But the cringe factor is just too great for the first half hour. I just can't tolerate all the passive-aggressive bullying and insults under the guise of "we want you to look better so you feel better about yourself" or some such bosh. It's just an excuse for people to commit organized cruelty against their victim. I suppose the victims submit to it, so it's not as if they aren't complicitous. But still.

I wonder how many times they started to film that show and had to call it off because someone flat out refused the indignity? Or do they get everyone to sign off on it before hand?

Also-- talk about a celebration of conformity. People go in looking different but come out looking mostly the same. It's a truly off-putting exercise in homogenization.

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