Dufresne quotation

A few days ago, Timoni mentioned the scene in Wuthering Heights where Catherine talks about her soul and Heathcliff's soul, and how it's the most heartbreakingly romantic thing ever written. It put me in mind of heartbreaking things. So here is one of the most heartbreaking things I have read in contemporary fiction. It is from John Dufresne's Love Warps the Mind a Little, when the main character watches his girlfriend die of ovarian cancer:

Judi's legs began to kick. I looked around, expecting, I think, to apprehend death's visage, to feel his chilly presence. I saw that it was 4.37 pm. I listened for the back door to creak open. I wished Judi could have someone other than me here with her. Someone she deserved. Someone wild with love, love unadulterated and ferocious, who would whisper to her now, "Your death will take my life." Someone whose grief would fissure into madness, whose keening would pierce the stillness of this hollow house, whose screams would crack the vaults of heaven. Someone who would hold his god accountable for this abomination. Instead she just has this stranger here who just wants her to stop this struggling.

Oof. *clutches chest*

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