So last night my nightmare (one of them) was this:

We were in some sort of small shop that was on a Olde Cobblestone Street with some other shops, and I had set Colin down on the floor for a second. He was just sitting there happily playing for a minute, but then I realized he was eating something. I looked closer and he had some sort of biscuit, munching on it, and it was covered with ants. Furthermore, his little legs were also covered with ants-- black with them. I tried to brush them off, but then I realized I should just hose them off with some water. So I ran out and down to another little shop that was a cafe-- sort of like Starbucks, but not. And behind the counter they had a sink labeled For Handwashing Only. I ran behind the counter with Colin and started to get at the sink, when one of the employees tried to stop me.

"Excuse me, ma'am," he said, "That sink is for handwashing only." I snarled at him-- actually snarled, like a dog or a wolf. Then I shrieked,

"You freak!! My baby is covered with ants!"



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